The US leads on In the App, Singapore Reigns

Singapore and the US switch their positions when you analyze the top10 traffic ranking by country on FXStreet main website ( or FXStreet News & Calendar App for IOS and Android.

The UK keeps second position on both, but the US leads the web’s traffic but falls to the third position on the App usage while Singapore takes the lead.

Also worth to highlight that Canada falls from 6th position on FXStreet web site to the 10th on the App, while Burma unexpectedly enters into the top10 ranking on the App while it holds the 75th position on FXStreet website…. curious….


FXStreet App Traffic figures by Country
FXStreet App Traffic by country Website Traffic figures by Country
FXStreet Traffic by country

Western Countries lead FXStreet’s Traffic Increase in 2015

Hi everyone

This morning I was reviewing traffic data for main site – English version – and I was wondering if there’s been a change in our traffic by country in the last year as during this period we have experienced an important increase of unique users. Comparing data from March 29th to April 28th 2015 with March 30th to April 29th 2014 I noticed a nice increase of 28.40% in unique visitors from 491k to 630k.

March 29th to April 28th 2015 vs. March 30th to April 29th 2014 Traffic Data
Sessions 16.43%

2,410,222 vs 2,070,052
Users 28.40%
630,942 vs 491,395
Pageviews 5.90%
6,522,859 vs 6,159,477

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FXStreet Sites & Mobile Scrap 13M Page Views for the First Time Ever

FXStreet Network Unique Users

Hi everyone
After an incredible January with the SNB removing the EURCHF floor and the ECB launching a bigger than expected QE, actions that drove traffic numbers to levels never seen before, we saw a set back in traffic figures in February but March they went up again showing that the network of sites are keeping their growth momentum.

Worth to highlight that, though the network of sites could not match January in unique visitors (1,166,363 vs 1,232,272),  they reached new all-time highs in March in terms of visits (4,608,381) and page views (12,812,962).

FXStreet English site touched 7,25M page views, 719k unique visitors and 2.7M visits.

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FXStreet and FxPro Call For a New Era in Forex Advertisement

Hi everyone,

Two days ago we issued a press release that probably went unnoticed to most of you but it was of invaluable importance for us. You can read it here.

The importance of this press release lies on the fact that it represents the confirmation and implementation of our new vision on how to engage our partners with our users through our advertisement.

Under the current market circumstances – medium/low volatility,  expanding over regulation in top countries, too many firms still focused in milking traders :(, too many non-enough capitalized firms popping up around the world and bad press, among others – we at FXStreet considered it was about time to embrace new ways of conceiving advertisement and change the way we were working with our clients. Our call goes for keeping client/provider relationships with clients that are simply looking for classic advertisement deals but to move to a next level with those that are looking for something more. To be able to achieve this next level we have offered selected partners to establish partnership agreements in order to keep bringing value to our site and to our clients and users.

Our purpose with these new partnerships is to experiment with new advertising placements and formats hand in hand with our partner, to generate synergies and engagement between partner and FXStreet brands and to establish trust in the triangle formed by users, FXStreet and the client, but always keeping FXStreet’s independence, unbiased trust and commitment to help traders to succeed.

FxPro is going to be FXStreet’s first client to work under our new model of partnership rather than continuing a simple client/provider standard relationship. I want to publicly applaud FXPro‘s bravery and vision to join us in this new advertising en-devour, hoping we both learn and succeed from this partnership while we embrace the new era of “meaningful”, “trustworthy” and “releveant” digital advertisement.

FXStreet Named Top Forex Trading Website for 2015?

Hi everyone

I’ve never had the pleasure to meet Nicola Delic and have never heard before of his site  but he really made my day today :)

He has compiled a small list of the forex trading websites he visits every day. On his own words “’I’ve compiled the small list of the forex trading websites I visits every day… Every one of the site from the list helped me staying updated in the constant update with market moves…”

If I had to draw my own list of best FX sites out there, the list would look almost identical as his. I am only missing Myfxbook on the list.

Well, FXStreet is on top of the list followed by Forex Live, Forex Factory, Bloomberg, DailyFX, Forex Crunch and Forex Magnates. I am really flattered and honored for leading this list of flagships FX sites

Thanks Nicola

If we ever have the chance to meet, first drink on me :)


FXStreet Best Forex Site 2015 Network Key Metrics January 2015 – SNB and ECB Drive Everyone to New Highs

FXStreet Unique Visitors January 2014:15Hi everyone
After a more than satisfactory December in terms of unique visitors – a 7 percent gain vs. previous month – but quite mediocre in terms of visits and page views – a gain and a loss of 1 percent respectively -, the SNB came to drive traffic to levels not seen before with its totally unexpected decision to remove the EURCHF floor. Also, the ECB and its bigger than expected QE helped to keep the momentum of the traffic coming to the site.

So as other sites have reported – hit all time highs in January too – and those that do not report figures experienced as well, traffic grew so much than we can only expect now a downward consolidation to more rational levels in the months ahead.

Worth to highlight that FXStreet English site touched 7M page views, 760k unique visitors and 2.6M visits just by itself, while if we add multi-lingual sites and the mobile and App traffic, the numbers were excellent too touching 11.8M page views, 1.2M unique visitors and 4.3M visits.

The only really bad news  in January was that we discovered that the traffic figures of our  News & Calendar App for IOS and Android were overestimated, specially in the page views counting. We saw page views of our App falling from 1M in December to half in January 2015. Bad luck! :(

Comparing traffic figures in January 2015 vs. same month previous year for the English main site, we could not be happier as we saw unique visitors growing 35 percent, sessions 16 percent and page view 4 percent. On the negative side, page per session fell almost 11 percent, while we can not evaluate the huge fall in average session duration as data was heavily distorted too till we found out :(

Traffic Numbers for (English) in January 2015 vs. January 2014
Sessions 15.97%
2,598,415 vs 2,240,524
Users 34.79%
760,544 vs 564,235
Pageviews 3.74%
7,013,451 vs 6,760,526
Pages / Session -10.55%
2.70 vs 3.02
Avg. Session Duration -41.12%
00:05:24 vs 00:09:11
Bounce Rate 3.26%
40.06% vs 38.79%
% New Sessions 19.09%
24.71% vs 20.75%



Visits Unique Visitors Page Views Growth % (Turkish) 38,132 13,544 99,238 16.32% (Hungarian) 13,913 3,529 31,891 25.57% (Indonesian) 75,194 20,327 234,033 9.46% (Vietnamese) 67,793 11,007 130,651 -10.85% (Portuguese) 8,232 2,975 17,877 11.91%
Fxstreet.ea (Arabic) 47,355 13,291 129,092 11.50% (Japanese) 86,440 34,964 160,890 22.36% (French) 34,218 10,008 93,882 18.53% (Russian) 110,214 26,917 349,146 14.90% (German) 14,587 5,583 42,366 12.28% (Italian) 30,276 10,038 77,452 28.53% (Spanish) 260,123 67,860 697,842 20.66% (Spanish Forum) 46,839 27,545 144,551 26.87% (English) 2,598,415 760,544 7,013,451 17.13% (Chinese Simplified) 44,182 18,166 182,106 24.16% (Chinese Traditional) 121,532 20,522 338,373 18.25%
FXstreet Mobile 160,467 104,492 416,986 1.72%
FXstreet Mobile Touch 276,254 45,416 1,045,326 11.38% (Social Network) 40,187 14,177 112,941 8.81% (Korean) 2,778 839 7,114 14.08% (Catalan) 999 336 2,074 32.88% (Converter) 7,172 4,075 18,617 26.87%
FXStreet News & Calendar App 213,585 16,117 490,092 -120.48%
TOTAL 4,298,887 1,232,272 11,835,991 10.35%
Visits Unique Visitors Page Views Growth % (Turkish) 33,506 11,995 83,044 -0.71% (Hungarian) 10,487 2,319 23,736 -10.38% (Indonesian) 72,873 21,517 211,886 -10.72% (Vietnamese) 73,356 11,553 144,821 -2.85% (Portuguese) 6,655 2,384 15,747 1.04%
Fxstreet.ea (Arabic) 44,222 11,785 114,250 1.61% (Japanese) 64,525 24,162 124,909 1.72% (French) 28,549 8,206 76,489 -7.31% (Russian) 101,929 25,570 297,111 0.13% (German) 14,054 6,521 37,165 -8.33% (Italian) 22,067 6,966 55,355 2.77% (Spanish) 211,781 53,736 553,657 -10.83% (Spanish Forum) 36,883 22,087 105,707 2.78% (English) 2,108,223 549,141 5,812,166 -2.56% (Chinese Simplified) 43,518 13,827 138,107 -0.71% (Chinese Traditional) 110,020 18,311 276,616 1.55%
FXstreet Mobile 142,780 23,065 409,809 12.37%
FXstreet Mobile Touch 244,452 100,325 926,321 1.86% (Social Network) 38,637 13,998 102,989 -6.50% (Korean) 2,609 759 6,112 -35.21% (Catalan) 855 293 1,392 -28.30% (Converter) 5,401 2,742 13,614 1.97%
FXStreet News & Calendar App 260,188 13,800 1,080,545 4.86%
TOTAL 3,677,570 945,062 10,611,548 -1.17%

Time to say Goodbye…. Thanks Sandra for 12 Years of Hard Work

Sandra Garcia FXStreetToday is a sad and a happy day all at once

Sad because our very first employee Sandra García is leaving the company. Happy because it was about time for her to move on towards new professional adventures and she is successfully closing a very nice story that started 12 years ago.

FXStreet was founded 15 years ago by three people: the web designer Miriam, the IT guy Setxi and the economist or the “guy-who-would-do-a-little-bit-of-everything” Francesc (myself). After a year an a half having to work part-time for someone else to make a living and pouring hours and more hours to the new baby born FXStreet, I was crying out loud for help. Here came my neighbor that had some spare time and needed some cash and he started to help me. Not even a year after I did not have enough with his help and I needed someone full-time and my neighbor recommended me Sandra.

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Let’s Throw a Party with This Great Feed-back. Congratulations Valeria!

If you run a website you know that you do not use to receive much positive feed-back. In fact, you lack of feed-back so you end up following the rule “no news good news”.

For this reason, every-time you receive a very positive feed-back you have reasons enough to throw a party :)

This is what I am doing today…. Our Turkish manager Onur Çakir sent us this comment from a relevant full service brokerage firm in Turkey:

(translated from Turkish) “As InvestAZ team we are tying to follow quality content about forex. We would like you to know that specially Valeria Bednarik‘s report published on 26.01.2015, “EUR/USD below 1,1290 having risks of further down move” took our attention with its precise content. Your advices and market researches are highly valuable for people who want to follow forex markets. We are sure that most of the users and readers like us share same point as well.”

Congratulations to Valeria and the whole FXStreet team for making things happen…. for good :)


The Day That The Forex Market Went Crazy

excellent infographic Maud…. Good Job!

and amazing figures…. Bravo for the team!


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FXStreet Traffic Skyrockets in Black Thursday. Do I have to Smile or to be Sad?

Hi everyone

This morning while exchanging emails with one of the members of FXStreet’s team, she told me ‘I am not sure if I should smile or to be sad’.

We were talking about the incredible figures we accomplished as a FX portal yesterday Thursday January 15th 2015. The site grew 40 percent from previous days to touch an incredible new all-time high of 93,604 users, 151,201 sessions and 434,970 page views. Page views generated by our news section just doubled from a regular day.

FXStreet Alltime users high

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