FXStreet, 14 Years and Still Alive and Kicking!

Really nice job Maud!

It seems it was yesterday that we launched FXStreet, a name inspired or better to say copied from the very famous thestreet.com, but the truth is that 14 years have already passed…. 14 years! and still alive and kicking! :)


Our History
Posted by: Maud

FXStreet History

From the first days of FXStreet back in 2000 until today, our website and company have expanded in size, projects, pages and languages. We are now around 30 people in the Barcelona office. Outside of Barcelona and all around the world, approximately 20 collaborators work with us as news editors, trading session leaders, advisers and content assistants.
This is a review of some of the milestones of our history. Full Story

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