FXStreet and Francesc’s Twitter account a Mirror

Hi everyone

As some of you know, I am pretty active at twitter. My account @Francesc_Forex has around 17,000 followers and I tweet there mainly bank FX research and the latest news about the independence of Catalonia from Spain.

The other day I got the possibility to make a track down of my followers at twitter and find out where are they coming from. As you can see below, the coincidence with the country of origin of FXStreet.com web visitors is impressive. My private twitter account has never been promoted in anyway at FXStreet.com. Ever, only it was promoted at the social network forexstreet.net we had a year ago when we closed it as part of the job I was doing at the social network was passed to the twitter account. So we have not done anything on our end to encourage that the traffic of the site and the twitter account would be the same.

 FXStreet.com  Web
US 14.95
UK 11.3
Canada 5.32
Singapore 5.29
Australia 4.88
India 3.93
Indonesia 2.8
Hong Kong 2.66
Malaysia 2.51
Pakistan 2.1

As you can see, 7 out of top10 countries of origin of visitors are the same – US, UK, Indonesia, India, Australia, Canada and Singapore – and both lists are lead by US and UK visitors.

If we remove Spain from my Twitter account countries table (which presence is due to my coverage of Catalan politics topics: many pro-independence Catalans follow me), there would be 8 countries in common out of 10 (Malaysia is number 11 on my Twitter). That’s an amazing coincidence!

 @Francesc_Forex  Twitter
US 19.4
UK 14.9
Indonesia 5.6
Spain 4.7
India 4
Australia 3.7
Nigeria 2.9
Canada 2.7
Singapore 2.5
South Africa 2.2

I am going to self-sell myself for a minute, but both tables roughly correspond to the countries where Foreign Exchange trading locations are stronger and more developed in the world. So I imagine we reach most of the traders where there are… and that makes me quite proud!


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