My First Real Forex Trade Ever!!!

Hi everyone

Long time no speak

After being in the retail Foreign Exchange (Forex) industry for the last 16 years, today I placed my very first trade with real money.

The last couple of months we have been working in a real trade project lead by Gonçalo Moreira. The trading activity we intend to activate can be described as:
- a proven trading method based on a real account track record of 1,5 years
- no-scalping method, it may coincide but it is not profiting from news announcements
- no high leveraged trading, effective leverage not  go beyond 15:1
- with a initial 10k account we estimate it will generate a 1,5M transaction volume per year and per currency  pair
- it’s not high frequency trading,  it is suited to be copied and scaleable
- can provide enough inputs on a daily basis  to help traders to be interested (new trades, trade management, profit takings) and to learn from it
- with 95% win rate, it will be seen as very encouraging by aspiring traders
- trading approach focused on risk management, ensuring longevity of accounts
- the method requires hedging or circumvention of FIFO rules, so traders will get a practical example how to do it in a US-based broker
Our aim is to generate a high level of engagement with our viewers positioning ourselves in the FX market and “walk the talk” as they say.
We think that there is no better way to teach FX than by trading with real money. So we have started by funding two trading accounts of €10,000 each in two different brokers: FxPro and
After having passed the process to open a trading account, all was set to go. Gonçalo gave me the honour to make the first trade of this project….. and I did it! :) :)


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