FXStreet Gains 44 percent Unique Users in August 2015 From Same Month Previous Year

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I hope you all have enjoyed your long/short vacations and you have recharged your batteries to go back to trading at full speed! :)

Summer was quiet this year and it is reflected in our traffic numbers that were quiet too, except for Black Monday (24th of August) that drove FXStreet to reach the second best day ever (Users: +83,000 Sessions: +134,640) after the end of the Swiss peg in January of this year.

Nothing worth to be highlighted but that overall the unique visitors of our network of sites, mobile and App were in July and August above 34 percent from the same month the previous year. This growth of unique users was led by Australia +50 percent, Canada +40 percent, United Kingdom +35 percent, United States +31 percent and Singapore +22 percent.

Spectacular was the performance of our main site in English that increased its base of users by +44 percent,  jumping to 678k users from 471k the same month the previous year.

Check our figures yourself



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Traffic Numbers for FXStreet.com (English) in August 2015 vs. August 2014
Sessions +22.78%
2,326,299 vs 1,894,648
Users +43.93%
677,699 vs 470,859
Pageviews +15.90%
6,254,326 vs 5,396,333
Pages / Session -5.61%
2.69 vs 2.85
Avg. Session Duration -39.15%
00:05:12 vs 00:08:32
Bounce Rate +11.30%
42.00% vs 37.74%
% New Sessions +19.64%
23.68% vs 19.79%


JULY 2015
Sessions Users Page Views Growth %
Fxstreet.com.tr (Turkish) 37,077 13,684 86,737 -4.11%
Fxstreet.hu (Hungarian) 12,700 2,337 28,582 -18.25%
Fxstreet.web.id (Indonesian) 83,196 19,833 257,202 -7.89%
Fxstreet.com.vn (Vietnamese) 79,413 11,851 149,405 8.66%
pt.Fxstreet.com (Portuguese) 8,091 3,106 16,648 -17.79%
ar.Fxstreet.com (Arabic) 72,096 17,397 198,013 -3.07%
Fxstreet.jp (Japanese) 74,752 28,287 133,906 -11.83%
Fxstreet.fr (French) 28,596 7,942 67,559 -25.06%
Fxstreet.ru.com (Russian) 107,056 26,474 289,469 -6.64%
Fxstreet.de.com (German) 19,345 7,449 56,183 -11.85%
Forexstreet.it (Italian) 20,189 6,276 39,127 -26.74%
Fxstreet.es (Spanish) 216,742 49,460 563,752 -7.57%
Forex.es (Spanish Forum) 37,085 22,299 106,228 -6.33%
Fxstreet.com (English) 2,482,181 719,497 6,435,175 -10.46%
FXstreet.cn (Chinese Simplified) 68,085 36,172 199,349 -46.21%
Fxstreet.hk (Chinese Traditional) 144,244 28,176 372,527 -6.28%
FXstreet Mobile 155,906 22,381 365,161 6.42%
FXstreet Mobile Touch 316,870 56,176 1,106,746 -4.97%
Forexstreet.net (Social Network)** 15,554 8,365 24,976 -30.57%
Forexstreet.kr.com (Korean) 2,047 344 4,083 -25.01%
Fxstreet.cat (Catalan) 993 252 1,868 23.55%
When2Convert.com (Converter) 6,158 2,782 16,616 7.21%
FXStreet News & Calendar App 196,311 11,188 639,523 -6.91%
TOTAL 4,184,687 1,101,728 11,158,835 -9.10%


Sessions Users Page Views Growth %
Fxstreet.com.tr (Turkish) 33,076 12,460 75,172 -20.12%
Fxstreet.hu (Hungarian) 12,937 2,330 30,457 -10.97%
Fxstreet.web.id (Indonesian) 92,108 26,387 276,719 -0.28%
Fxstreet.com.vn (Vietnamese) 93,009 15,022 183,715 25.72%
pt.Fxstreet.com (Portuguese) 8,057 3,254 16,745 -17.10%
ar.Fxstreet.com (Arabic) 72,797 17,837 196,691 -3.77%
Fxstreet.jp (Japanese) 72,033 26,983 131,875 -13.55%
Fxstreet.fr (French) 27,350 7,571 71,341 -18.43%
Fxstreet.ru.com (Russian) 100,686 26,844 264,583 -16.67%
Fxstreet.de.com (German) 17,590 6,480 53,982 -16.41%
Forexstreet.it (Italian) 17,969 5,934 39,812 -24.56%
Fxstreet.es (Spanish) 198,094 48,840 528,353 -14.77%
Forex.es (Spanish Forum) 37,504 22,515 104,549 -8.04%
Fxstreet.com (English) 2,326,299 677,699 6,254,326 -13.66%
FXstreet.cn (Chinese Simplified) 63,294 33,375 156,265 -86.53%
Fxstreet.hk (Chinese Traditional) 172,503 35,995 448,352 11.69%
FXstreet Mobile 133,651 19,215 304,087 -12.38%
FXstreet Mobile Touch 271,147 51,753 929,982 -24.92%
Forexstreet.net (Social Network)** 13,453 7,151 21,803 -49.57%
Forexstreet.kr.com (Korean) 1,934 341 3,941 -29.51%
Fxstreet.cat (Catalan) 575 235 1,013 -40.97%
When2Convert.com (Converter) 6,345 2,932 18,149 15.05%
FXStreet News & Calendar App 256,452 15,060 1,050,491 34.92%
TOTAL 4,028,863 1,066,213 11,162,403 -9.06%

FXStreet Receives Microsoft’s Azure Partner Certificate

Hi everyone
I just got an internal e-mail from Alain López, Senior SW Engineer .NET at FXStreet that I am proudly reproducing here:
“just to inform you that we got the Azure Partner certificate from Microsoft. This is a great accomplishment in the IT world, especially as we are not a consultancy firm.
Congratulations to  Javier & Josep for the work done and for passing the test.”

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UK traffic Grows 42 Percent in June From Same Month Previous Year

Hi everyone
After an amazing January with the SNB and the ECB shaking the markets and  a quiet good March, FXStreet’s traffic numbers have been consolidating upwards in the following months and June was not an exception.

Half of the twenty sites lost traffic in June from previous month, but the gain of almost 5 percent of the English site was critical to drive figures up to 4M sessions, 1M users and 12M page views.

Comparing traffic figures in June 2015 vs. same month previous year for the English main site, we see an increase of 27 percent in sessions, 44 percent in unique visitors and  30 percent in page views. Not bad at all!

Western Countries lead the growth

I already wrote about this in my blog last month (Western Countries lead FXStreet’s Traffic Increase in 2015) but I think it is worth to highlight it once again as western countries keep gaining traffic share as the year progresses.

The most positive news from traffic point of view is the increase in traffic seen in the first five months of the year has been lead by the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the United States, the most competitive and profitable markets in the retail FX industry.

In the first half of the year,  the traffic from the US has grown 16 percent, the UK traffic grew another 33 percent, Canada 20 percent and Australia another 19 percent.

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FXStreet Growing Fast at the Most Competitive and Profitable Markets in the Retail Forex Industry

Hi everyone
After an amazing January with the SNB and the ECB shaking the markets and driving FXStreet’s traffic numbers to levels never seen before, we have seen a consolidation in the months ahead and May was nothing more than a consolidation month like the previous ones.

Most of the twenty sites lost traffic in May from previous month except the big three that gained some traffic: English website, Spanish and Traffic from tablets and mobile to the touch version of the site.  Arabic site added in May a new 12 percent to the  37 percent gained in page views since January 2015. If we compare the first 5 month of the year from same period previous year, the Arabic site has gained 70 percent sessions, 87 percent unique users and 40 percent page views. Nice job guys!

We also saw a 5 percent decrease in our  News & Calendar App for IOS and Android. We still do not know if the decrease was caused by the release of a new version that distorted traffic figures or if it’s just a natural decrease of the traffic.

Comparing traffic figures in May 2015 vs. same month previous year for the English main site, we see an increase of 17 percent in sessions, 31 percent in unique visitors and  13 percent in page views.

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The US leads on FXStreet.com. In the App, Singapore Reigns

Singapore and the US switch their positions when you analyze the top10 traffic ranking by country on FXStreet main website (FXStreet.com) or FXStreet News & Calendar App for IOS and Android.

The UK keeps second position on both, but the US leads the web’s traffic but falls to the third position on the App usage while Singapore takes the lead.

Also worth to highlight that Canada falls from 6th position on FXStreet web site to the 10th on the App, while Burma unexpectedly enters into the top10 ranking on the App while it holds the 75th position on FXStreet website…. curious….


FXStreet App Traffic figures by Country
FXStreet App Traffic by country



FXStreet.com Website Traffic figures by Country
FXStreet Traffic by country

FXStreet Traffic Corrected South in April 2015 While the UK and the US Outperform

FXStreet Network Unique Visitors - January 2014:April 2015

Hi everyone
After an incredible January with the SNB removing the EURCHF floor and the ECB launching a bigger than expected QE, actions that drove traffic numbers to levels never seen before, we saw a strong set back in traffic figures in February, a nice recovery in March and a downward consolidation in April. This consolidation was higher in most of the Languages sites than the English site.

All sites went south in traffic numbers but the Arabic site that has gained a nice 37 percent in page views since January 2015. We also saw the traffic from mobiles and other devices flat (0.62 percent) while our  News & Calendar App for IOS and Android kept gaining traffic and registered a nice 2.7 percent increase.

Comparing traffic figures in April 2015 vs. same month previous year for the English main site, we see an increase of 18 percent in sessions, 31 percent in unique visitors and  8 percent in page views.

On the negative side, page per session went south another 9 percent  as a direct consequence of the improvement we have experienced in SEO that increased the new sessions by a nice 13 percent.  We still can not evaluate the huge fall in average session duration as data was heavily distorted till we found out in January 2015 :(

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Western Countries lead FXStreet’s Traffic Increase in 2015

Hi everyone

This morning I was reviewing traffic data for FXStreet.com main site – English version – and I was wondering if there’s been a change in our traffic by country in the last year as during this period we have experienced an important increase of unique users. Comparing data from March 29th to April 28th 2015 with March 30th to April 29th 2014 I noticed a nice increase of 28.40% in unique visitors from 491k to 630k.

March 29th to April 28th 2015 vs. March 30th to April 29th 2014 Traffic Data
Sessions 16.43%

2,410,222 vs 2,070,052
Users 28.40%
630,942 vs 491,395
Pageviews 5.90%
6,522,859 vs 6,159,477

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FXStreet Sites & Mobile Scrap 13M Page Views for the First Time Ever

FXStreet Network Unique Users

Hi everyone
After an incredible January with the SNB removing the EURCHF floor and the ECB launching a bigger than expected QE, actions that drove traffic numbers to levels never seen before, we saw a set back in traffic figures in February but March they went up again showing that the network of sites are keeping their growth momentum.

Worth to highlight that, though the network of sites could not match January in unique visitors (1,166,363 vs 1,232,272),  they reached new all-time highs in March in terms of visits (4,608,381) and page views (12,812,962).

FXStreet English site touched 7,25M page views, 719k unique visitors and 2.7M visits.

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FXStreet and FxPro Call For a New Era in Forex Advertisement

Hi everyone,

Two days ago we issued a press release that probably went unnoticed to most of you but it was of invaluable importance for us. You can read it here.

The importance of this press release lies on the fact that it represents the confirmation and implementation of our new vision on how to engage our partners with our users through our advertisement.

Under the current market circumstances – medium/low volatility,  expanding over regulation in top countries, too many firms still focused in milking traders :(, too many non-enough capitalized firms popping up around the world and bad press, among others – we at FXStreet considered it was about time to embrace new ways of conceiving advertisement and change the way we were working with our clients. Our call goes for keeping client/provider relationships with clients that are simply looking for classic advertisement deals but to move to a next level with those that are looking for something more. To be able to achieve this next level we have offered selected partners to establish partnership agreements in order to keep bringing value to our site and to our clients and users.

Our purpose with these new partnerships is to experiment with new advertising placements and formats hand in hand with our partner, to generate synergies and engagement between partner and FXStreet brands and to establish trust in the triangle formed by users, FXStreet and the client, but always keeping FXStreet’s independence, unbiased trust and commitment to help traders to succeed.

FxPro is going to be FXStreet’s first client to work under our new model of partnership rather than continuing a simple client/provider standard relationship. I want to publicly applaud FXPro‘s bravery and vision to join us in this new advertising en-devour, hoping we both learn and succeed from this partnership while we embrace the new era of “meaningful”, “trustworthy” and “releveant” digital advertisement.

Citi and Deutsche Bank Dominating Forex Market in 2015




Greenwich Associates Announces 2015 Share and Quality Leaders in Foreign Exchange
Leading FX Dealers Cede Market Share to Rivals

Thursday, March 12, 2015 Stamford, CT USA — Citi and Deutsche Bank top the list of 2015 Greenwich Leaders in Global Foreign Exchange.

These  two firms are deadlocked atop the global FX market, with market shares in trading of 11.6-11.7%, according to a report released today by Greenwich Associates. UBS and Barclays are next, tied with market shares of 10.0-10.2%. J.P. Morgan rounds out the global Top 5 with a market share of 7.4%. These firms are the 2015 Greenwich Share Leaders in Global Top-Tier Foreign Exchange Market Share.

Among the leading dealers, J.P. Morgan stood out in 2014 for gaining market share, a feat that narrowed the gap between the bank and the four traditional global FX leaders. Citi was also notable for maintaining stable market share from year to year. Bank of America Merrill Lynch posted the largest gain in market share this year.  BNP Paribas and Goldman Sachs also gained meaningful share.

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