Why Retail Forex is Heading to the Cliff?

Just read…. It’s a month old piece of news but still relevant.

What’s going on with the FX industry?

Five years ago there still were strong talks that FX could become an asset class. That means that it would be accepted for the mainstream as another financial market.

To become an asset class, the industry had to work harder to stop being seen as a fraudulent money taker but a serious place where you can safely speculate your spare savings.

The truth is that the industry has taken the opposite direction. And what’s even worse, it has gotten so close with Binary Options, that now they look the same.

Don’t you see that binary is an industry that will be banned from the face of the earth very soon? Don’t you see that an industry where most of its players are fraudulent has no future?

Do you really want to be like them?

What are you doing then? What’s wrong with you?

Shame on you guys!



Judgment Day inches closer for Israeli binary options firms
Handful of founders and employees arrested on suspicion of tax evasion, for holding vast sums of black money in offshore accounts; tax authority expects more arrests
By Simona Weinglass and Raoul Wootliff October 11, 2016, 4:34 pm

For Israelis who work in binary options, there may be a lot to ponder this Yom Kippur as arrests begin and the Israel Securities Authority declares that a crackdown on fraudulent firms is a “national priority.”
Israel’s Tax Authority announced on Monday that two men, Haim Toledano and Saar Pilosof, have been arrested on suspicion of hiding millions of shekels from tax authorities through the use of offshore shell companies.
Toledano and Pilosof were arrested around two weeks ago but their identities had been an under a court-imposed gag order which was lifted on Monday.
In Israel’s corporate registry, Toledano is the director of Toyga Media Ltd., formerly known as UFX Ltd., which is housed in a large building on Tel Aviv’s Hamasger Street. Hundreds of employees there call customers abroad on behalf of the UFX and Ubinary trading brands. UFX offers forex trading while Ubinary offers binary options. UFX and Ubinary have been the subject of investor warnings from regulators in Canada and Australia, respectively.


FXStreet grows heavily in London, Dubai and Jakarta. Falls in Melbourne, New York and Hong Kong

Hi everyone

Long time no speak.

I`ve spoken on  several occasions about the countries of origin of our visitors and how they evolve in time, but I´ve never talked about the cities of origin. What are the most important cities for FXStreet?

Well, our top10 cities list is as follows:

Hong Kong
Kuala Lumpur
New York

Comparing data from August 2016 vs August 2015, we see London, Dubai and Jakarta growing their share, while the others are loosing ground. London grew 16.2% from representing 5.12% of the total traffic to represent 6.02%, while Dubai grew a nice 17% (from 1.20 to 1.40%) and Jakarta exploded growing 87% from 0.7 to 1.27% of the site.

On the other hand, Melbourne and Hong Kong lost 10.9% of share, Singapore .8.64%, Kuala Lumpur -7.7%, New York -5.3% and Sydney and Toronto around -4%.

Stay tuned


72 Percent of The Active Forex Traders in Australia Visited FXStreet in March 2016

Hi everyone

Last week I was reading this piece of news at Leaprate: IG and CMC Markets continue to lead crowded Australia retail forex market based on a survey made by Australia-based research firm Investment Trends.

Investment Trends has recently published a retail FX report for its home market: The Investment Trends 2015 Australia Foreign Exchange Report, based on a survey of 13,910 online investors including 3,967 active FX traders.

One of its key findings for me was to know the current number of active traders in Australia. For Investment Trends,  the number of active traders – that is traders that placed at least one trade in the past 12 months – was 49,000, remaining the same as a year earlier.

I asked our SEO expert Cristian Sanchez if he could dig in into our analytics data and let me know how many active users we have from Australia. As you can see in the image below, in the month of March 2016, we got over 35,000 unique visitors or users from Australia, so if there was 49,000 active FX traders in Australia that month, that means that 72% of the retail FX traders based in Australia visited FXStreet.com in the month of March….. Amazing!!!!

I know that I used simple and quite silly math, but – one way or the other – the market share we hold in Australia is really big! :)

Well done guys!


Australia Forex traffic for FXStreet

Nasdaq Launches FXStreet’s Forex Calendar Pro

It is a pleasure to share with you that Nasdaq launched a few weeks ago FXStreet’s Economic Calendar Pro


Welcome on board Nasdaq!



nasdaq forex calendar

Metaquotes Turns 16…. Happy Anniversary Guys!

Hi everyone

A couple of months back I found out that our friends at Metaquotes Software Inc – creators of the worldwide famous trading platform Metatrader (MT4) – were celebrating their 15th anniversary. So I decided that I should write a blog piece to congratulate them for their tremendous success as in these fifteen years no one in the industry has been able to achieve such a success story as theirs. Of course, there are others richer and stronger, but if we talk about “success”, I modestly think that they are the winners. No discussion.

I’ve always been a guy that does not remember anything, but the closer I am getting to turn 50 – oh my god! – the memory losses are becoming more and more frequent, so I forgot to upload the blog post before the year expired. Now that we are already in 2016, allow me to be the very first one to congratulate Metaquotes for turning 16!!!…. Congratulations guys! :)

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FXStreet and Francesc’s Twitter account a Mirror

Hi everyone

As some of you know, I am pretty active at twitter. My account @Francesc_Forex has around 17,000 followers and I tweet there mainly bank FX research and the latest news about the independence of Catalonia from Spain.

The other day I got the possibility to make a track down of my followers at twitter and find out where are they coming from. As you can see below, the coincidence with the country of origin of FXStreet.com web visitors is impressive. My private twitter account has never been promoted in anyway at FXStreet.com. Ever, only it was promoted at the social network forexstreet.net we had a year ago when we closed it as part of the job I was doing at the social network was passed to the twitter account. So we have not done anything on our end to encourage that the traffic of the site and the twitter account would be the same.

 FXStreet.com  Web
US 14.95
UK 11.3
Canada 5.32
Singapore 5.29
Australia 4.88
India 3.93
Indonesia 2.8
Hong Kong 2.66
Malaysia 2.51
Pakistan 2.1

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FXStreet’s Valeria Bednarik Quoted in the Wall Street Journal

Hi all
Upon taking a “small step” onto the surface of the moon in 1969, Neil Armstrong uttered what would become one of history’s most famous one-liners: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
Well, a few days ago one of the totems of the financial markets the Wall Street Journal quoted our Chief Currency Analyst Valeria Bednarik in the “Morning MoneyBeat”:
(MoneyBeat on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wsjmoneybeat – The “Morning MoneyBrief” is a daily newsletter that offers market-moving news and analysis before the opening bell.)

Our goal is to strengthen our position as THE brand of reference in the Foreign Exchange world so we are working closer and closer with top financial media, and no doubt the Wall Street Journal is one of the top ones :)

Good job guys!
WSJ_2015-11-06_quote Valeria NFP

2015 Finance Magnates London Summit Awards: FXStreet Wins the Best Educational Service Provider for Traders prize

We won for the second year in a row!!!!

yuppiiii! :)



FXStreet, the Best Educational Service Provider for Traders

FXStreet Best Education Service Provider 2015For the second year in a row, FXStreet is the Best Educational Service Provider for Traders according to the professionals of the Forex industry!

Our website and its Learning Center received this Award at the Finance Magnates London Summit 2015, an event that closed yesterday and saw over 1,500 of the industry’s leading professionals and executives, representing nearly 500 sovereign companies across the forex, binary options, and FinTech realms.


Check the full list of winners
Who voted and how?
FXStreet’s Learning Center

Finance Magnates Award 2015 - Sergi, Carolina and Colm







Sergi López (CMO), Carolina May (CEO) and Colm Mullan (Head of Sales)
at the Finance Magnates London Summit 2015 with the Award.

Chrome user: You can now integrate FXStreet’s Calendar into your Chrome Browser

Do you want to have FXStreet’s Economic Calendar right one click away integrated into your chrome browser?

Now you can have it thanks to one of our senior engineer Alain López…. Good job Alain!

Download it now!


Forex Calendar for Chrome

FXStreet Gains 44 percent Unique Users in August 2015 From Same Month Previous Year

i everyone

I hope you all have enjoyed your long/short vacations and you have recharged your batteries to go back to trading at full speed! :)

Summer was quiet this year and it is reflected in our traffic numbers that were quiet too, except for Black Monday (24th of August) that drove FXStreet to reach the second best day ever (Users: +83,000 Sessions: +134,640) after the end of the Swiss peg in January of this year.

Nothing worth to be highlighted but that overall the unique visitors of our network of sites, mobile and App were in July and August above 34 percent from the same month the previous year. This growth of unique users was led by Australia +50 percent, Canada +40 percent, United Kingdom +35 percent, United States +31 percent and Singapore +22 percent.

Spectacular was the performance of our main site in English that increased its base of users by +44 percent,  jumping to 678k users from 471k the same month the previous year.

Check our figures yourself



Captura de pantalla 2015-09-02 a les 15.27.24


Traffic Numbers for FXStreet.com (English) in August 2015 vs. August 2014
Sessions +22.78%
2,326,299 vs 1,894,648
Users +43.93%
677,699 vs 470,859
Pageviews +15.90%
6,254,326 vs 5,396,333
Pages / Session -5.61%
2.69 vs 2.85
Avg. Session Duration -39.15%
00:05:12 vs 00:08:32
Bounce Rate +11.30%
42.00% vs 37.74%
% New Sessions +19.64%
23.68% vs 19.79%


JULY 2015
Sessions Users Page Views Growth %
Fxstreet.com.tr (Turkish) 37,077 13,684 86,737 -4.11%
Fxstreet.hu (Hungarian) 12,700 2,337 28,582 -18.25%
Fxstreet.web.id (Indonesian) 83,196 19,833 257,202 -7.89%
Fxstreet.com.vn (Vietnamese) 79,413 11,851 149,405 8.66%
pt.Fxstreet.com (Portuguese) 8,091 3,106 16,648 -17.79%
ar.Fxstreet.com (Arabic) 72,096 17,397 198,013 -3.07%
Fxstreet.jp (Japanese) 74,752 28,287 133,906 -11.83%
Fxstreet.fr (French) 28,596 7,942 67,559 -25.06%
Fxstreet.ru.com (Russian) 107,056 26,474 289,469 -6.64%
Fxstreet.de.com (German) 19,345 7,449 56,183 -11.85%
Forexstreet.it (Italian) 20,189 6,276 39,127 -26.74%
Fxstreet.es (Spanish) 216,742 49,460 563,752 -7.57%
Forex.es (Spanish Forum) 37,085 22,299 106,228 -6.33%
Fxstreet.com (English) 2,482,181 719,497 6,435,175 -10.46%
FXstreet.cn (Chinese Simplified) 68,085 36,172 199,349 -46.21%
Fxstreet.hk (Chinese Traditional) 144,244 28,176 372,527 -6.28%
FXstreet Mobile 155,906 22,381 365,161 6.42%
FXstreet Mobile Touch 316,870 56,176 1,106,746 -4.97%
Forexstreet.net (Social Network)** 15,554 8,365 24,976 -30.57%
Forexstreet.kr.com (Korean) 2,047 344 4,083 -25.01%
Fxstreet.cat (Catalan) 993 252 1,868 23.55%
When2Convert.com (Converter) 6,158 2,782 16,616 7.21%
FXStreet News & Calendar App 196,311 11,188 639,523 -6.91%
TOTAL 4,184,687 1,101,728 11,158,835 -9.10%


Sessions Users Page Views Growth %
Fxstreet.com.tr (Turkish) 33,076 12,460 75,172 -20.12%
Fxstreet.hu (Hungarian) 12,937 2,330 30,457 -10.97%
Fxstreet.web.id (Indonesian) 92,108 26,387 276,719 -0.28%
Fxstreet.com.vn (Vietnamese) 93,009 15,022 183,715 25.72%
pt.Fxstreet.com (Portuguese) 8,057 3,254 16,745 -17.10%
ar.Fxstreet.com (Arabic) 72,797 17,837 196,691 -3.77%
Fxstreet.jp (Japanese) 72,033 26,983 131,875 -13.55%
Fxstreet.fr (French) 27,350 7,571 71,341 -18.43%
Fxstreet.ru.com (Russian) 100,686 26,844 264,583 -16.67%
Fxstreet.de.com (German) 17,590 6,480 53,982 -16.41%
Forexstreet.it (Italian) 17,969 5,934 39,812 -24.56%
Fxstreet.es (Spanish) 198,094 48,840 528,353 -14.77%
Forex.es (Spanish Forum) 37,504 22,515 104,549 -8.04%
Fxstreet.com (English) 2,326,299 677,699 6,254,326 -13.66%
FXstreet.cn (Chinese Simplified) 63,294 33,375 156,265 -86.53%
Fxstreet.hk (Chinese Traditional) 172,503 35,995 448,352 11.69%
FXstreet Mobile 133,651 19,215 304,087 -12.38%
FXstreet Mobile Touch 271,147 51,753 929,982 -24.92%
Forexstreet.net (Social Network)** 13,453 7,151 21,803 -49.57%
Forexstreet.kr.com (Korean) 1,934 341 3,941 -29.51%
Fxstreet.cat (Catalan) 575 235 1,013 -40.97%
When2Convert.com (Converter) 6,345 2,932 18,149 15.05%
FXStreet News & Calendar App 256,452 15,060 1,050,491 34.92%
TOTAL 4,028,863 1,066,213 11,162,403 -9.06%